5 managers most suitable to manage Liverpool after Klopp.

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5 managers most suitable to manage Liverpool after Klopp.

Supercomputer’s intelligent AI system Analyzing the big problems for Liverpool at this time with 5 names of suitable coaches who will replace Jurgen Klopp after the end of this season.

The AI ​​system is called “CoachFinder” that brings information both Past personal statistics History and guidelines for team management. Including the character of each person to help analyze. And select the right candidates for that team.

which is number one at Supercom The calculation came out to Luciano Spalletti, an unconventional coach who is currently in charge of the Italian national team. Last season, he surprised Napoli by leading Napoli to win the Serie A championship. According to โปรโมชั่น ufabet

Second place: Zinedine Zidane,

a great French coach who has had great success with Real Madrid and is a world-class football legend that everyone accepts. Undoubtedly, it will easily build prestige and respecte by later players.

Third place: Luis Enrique, the Spanish coach who, after parting ways with the Fierce Bulls, turned to work as club manager again with Paris Saint-Germain, who previously had great success with Barcelona. Na came first.

Fourth place: Julián Lopetegui. This person may not be talked about much. But he has a degree of being a small European champion with Sevilla before. He recently accepted a job as manager. Wolverhampton The results were not bad at the end of last season. But due to the club’s financial problems and internal conflicts, they had to part ways at the beginning of last season.

Fifth place: This Carlo Ancelotti doesn’t have to say much with his degree of having won the European Championship several times. He has also had success in England before with Chelsea.

As for public favorites that many media outlets are reporting on, such as Xabi Alonso or Roberto de Zerbi, their names are not on Supercom’s list. This time, however, from calculations to find appropriateness in early February 2024.