Ten Hag hisses Anthony is more poisonous.

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Manchester United manager Eric ten Hag has praised Antoni’s debut performance. But believes the Brazilian has the potential to do better.

The Red Devils defeated Arsenal 3-1 in the Premier League on Sunday, with United having won four of their games in a row. After missing their first two games, holding them fifth in the table.

“Both of them (Antoni and Marcus Rashford) played great. Constant threat I know our attack line is really strong. They are creative and fast kickers. This is the first time they have played together and results like this are great to see UFABET.

“We can create speed and creativity at the same time, he (Antoni) is going to be a player who shows fear on the Premier League stage. We lack players in the right wing.

“Sancho and Rashford play there but they prefer to be on the left, so now we’re disconnected from players who can play well on the right. He’s doing well but I think he can definitely do better. He scores great goals but every The goal came from the coordination of the team.

“It’s an operating procedure. You have to raise the standard every day, that’s the need for me and the players in our squad. We have a lot of players in the squad who have won trophies. And they have to bring those standards into the team. Bringing out the best of them every day.

“We have to think about the Europa League, today we will not celebrate shortly and tomorrow (Monday) will focus on the next game.” ten Hag