Rashford presses two score gave Manchester United to hit Arsenal 3-1.

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Antoni made his debut with his first goal. Plus two second-half goals from Marcus Rashford gave Manchester United a 3-1 win over Arsenal in a big Premier League match.

English Premier League Football

Manchester United 3 – Arsenal 1

Stadium: Old Trafford

Big match of the week in the Premier League: Manchester United have won three games in a row. Open the house to deal with the crowd. Arsenal by the Red Devils, send a new one Anthony, the real startThe first beautiful opportunity belonged to the locals in the 7th minute UFABET

Antony showed the style of the heel, Diogo Dalot threw deep to the second post, Christian Eriksen put the foot on the left, but did not get full. The ball fell out of the box. Arsenal also gave a frightening greeting in the 9th minute. William Saliba has a pointed right foot. The middle of the door across the beam.

Up to the 12th minute, the cannon sent the ball into the net before Gabriel Martinelli used the speed to slip into a shot with the left through De Gea. But after the referee went to see the screen himself, then fouled Ode. Guard put Eriksen in the middle of the field. Became Manchester United who took the lead 1-0

In the 35th minute, Marcus Rashford flowed into the penalty area on the right for Antonio to tilt the purlin with the left through Ramsdale, plugging in the far post as the first goal since the game. Premier League

In the second half.

Erik ten Hag took Antoni to rest in 58 minutes, replacing Cristiano Ronaldo.Arsenal came to equalize 1-1 in the 60th minute, the moment Gabriel Jesus slipped through but did not catch a shot. But Dalot intercepted the ball into the way of Bukayo Saka, shooting through Lee’s leg. Sandro enters the open door.

But in the 66th minute, the Red Devils took the lead again 2-1. Bruno Fernandes dropped the tails for Marcus Rashford to use a single loose speed to shoot the final shot. Deflecting the blocker, becoming a good ball through. Ramsdale takes a corner Man Utd countered quickly to score a goal 3-1 in the 75th minute, Eriksen slipped in front two with Rashford.

Before the Danish midfielder gave the England forward an easy shot.The game ended with Manchester United beating Arsenal 3-1 to win four games in a row, while the Gunners lost the first game but still led the crowd.