Goal in playing Blackjack. 

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Our only goal in playing Blackjack is to beat the dealer. Because this game is not like other games in that we have opponents  and our only opponent is the dealer. So we don’t play this game to get 21. But we play to score higher than the dealer. or win the dealer to reach 21 points.

How do you win against the dealer?

  1. We got Blackjack ( Natural Blackjack or A+10), but the dealer didn’t. If we win like this we get 1.5 times bet (2 : 3). Conversely, if the dealer gets Blackjack 21 but we don’t, we lose immediately as well. But we pay the same amount (1 : 1).games by UFABET 
  2. The dealer draws until 21 points (Bust), that is, the dealer will turn over the second card when we finish the card. And if the total does not reach 17. The dealer will draw until it reaches 17 or goes beyond 21. On the other hand, if we draw until it reaches 21. We lose immediately as well.
  3. We have a total closer to 21 than the dealer (21 Blackjack), that is, in the event that no one draws to reach 21, the bet is measured on the total. and the highest total score is 21 points, if winning like this We will get 1x (1 : 1) bet, except if we choose double or split between games.

However, from all three methods, some of you may have seen that The most important methods are 2 and 3 , which means that we will have to draw, double, split . How likely is the dealer to get over 17, or is more likely to go through so that we can minimize our risk of breaking to a minimum? As long as we should win