Erik ten Hag raises the spirit of the players for the team.

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Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag has hailed the player’s spirit as a key part of his three-point streak last weekend.

The Red Devils defeated Arsenal 3-1 in the Premier League on Sunday. With the Red Devils winning four in a row after missing their first two games, holding them fifth in the table.

“We are happy and satisfied with this victory. Including the performance in dueling with a good team They played really well.” the Netherlands coach told Match of the Day UFABET

“The spirit from this team They are able to cope with the recession as we have shown. It’s really great. and demonstrated your mental state We really improve on that.

“We have the right personalities and now it’s all about working together. Cope with the back down to receive but also develop accordingly. We need to stay calm, stay calm and play our game.

“You can see that Arsenal are more connected to the players and to their individual roles. But our spirit made the team win.

“We still do many things. things can be better With pressing, we have a plan. (Olexander) Zinchenko, that folds in, gives them more dominance in midfield. We can play with the ball more calmly. Don’t waste it easily

“When we were attacked by pressing We can fight back and take it back. Especially in the transition period we did well.”Erik ten Hag