de la Fuente apologizes for applauding Rubiales.

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Bulls football coach Luis de la Fuente has apologized for applauding Luis Rubiales after a speech that further fueled the conflict.

Spain coach Luis de la Fuente took the opportunity during his latest Madrid press conference to apologize. For his applause during a controversial speech by former Spanish Football Federation president Luis Rubiales. According to a report from ‘Deario AS’ last Friday. 

‘I would like to begin by explaining what I experienced during the General Assembly on Friday. I’m not a judge. UFABET And I am a football trainer thanks for your understanding Considering the social impact of my applause. I want to take advantage of this space to explain the situation there.’

‘I have been severely criticized, think it was deserved. I’m sorry, And I understand and I’m sorry. These are facts that do not make sense. We thought we were in the middle of a farewell ceremony for the leader. I wasn’t prepared. I am most sincerely sorry.’

‘This is not representative of the way I act. I will always be on the side of equality and respect. I have always had an irreproachable behavior. We all remember what happened during the victories of our players. Jenny and the rest of her teammates. Not responsible for what happens there. I would like to congratulate the players once again. I’d like to talk about football again, thank you very much.’ de la Fuente said.